The Yin and Yang of N in Streams

Talking Streams in Switzerland

This was written 3-weeks ago at 2 in the morning during a fit of Jet lag I forgot about it until now but figured I would still like to post about this amazing experience.

So this past week I had the amazing opportunity to go to a workshop in Switzerland about heterotrophic regimes thanks to streamPULSE and NSF. The group of about 50 were separated into 5 groups. I was placed in a modeling group which kind of freaked me out. I think modeling is amazing I did not know how I would be able to contribute and even if I would be able to follow along. Bob Hall and  Gordon led the group and there were five other graduate students in it. We started off a little rocky, I think a lot of the grad students were kind of nervous but by the end, we were arguing with each other about anything. Bob and Gorden were amazing they really made us feel welcome in able to contribute. Bob Hall made us right on some crazy program overleaf which don’t tell him but was kind of cool. Don’t get me wrong I will never use it after this but I’m kind of cool.

I also got to meet so many people and fanboyed out like crazy. Check out all these amazing people I got selfies with.

IMG_20180918_133450-COLLAGE*why the collage generator decided Erin Hotchkiss’s elbow was more important than my face I’ll never know!


The musical theme of the conference was Demi Lovato, I jammed out to her every chance I got. At one point I did not have internet and had a little freaked out cuz I couldn’t listen to my girl.

overall this was an amazing opportunity Not only was I in Switzerland but I learned so much. Everybody was so amazing and I feel rejuvenated and like I can write so much more on my own projects not to mention the paper you plan to write from this Workshop.