The Yin and Yang of N in Streams

A successful spring!

It was a busy and exciting spring in the Marcarelli lab!  As the students are starting to share their reflections on the spring and preparations for field season, I wanted to brag a bit about all the great things that they accomplished this semester.  In no particular order…

Erin Eberhard successfully defended her MS thesis, “Co-occurrence of nitrogen fixation and denitrification across a stream nitrogen gradient in a western watershed”, and is continuing on to start her PhD research this summer in the lab.  We are glad you are hanging around Erin, and looking forward to your updates from the field!


IMG_20170407_164920015Kevin Nevorski received a graduate research fellowship from Michigan Space Grant Consortium for his project, “Nitrogen in Space: An Examination of How Nitrogen Cycle Processes are Related in Streams and How Those Processes are Influenced at Multiple Special Scales”.  He will be starting field work for this project associated with the NSF CAREER project sampling this summer, which is going nationwde!








Ryan Van Goethem, MS student studying how Eurasian watermilfoil affects primary producers in lake littoral zones successfully defended his thesis proposal, and received 2 different awards to support his thesis research – the Robert L. Johnson Memorial Research Grant from the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society, and a Lakes Research Grant from Michigan Chapter, North American Lake Management Society.  He also received a merit prize for her poster presentation at the 13th Annual ESC Student Research Forum at Michigan Tech, and was named to the 2017 Hampshire Honor Society by The National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame for his achievements on the field and in the classroom.  



Chris Adams, PhD student studying fish movement in the Pilgrim River, including whether and when fish move between lake and stream habitats and what environmental and ecological factors may be driving that movement, received two research fellowships from chapters of Trout Unlimited: the George Disborough research fellowship from the Kalamazoo Valley chapter, and the inaugural research fellowship from the Copper Country chapter.  Chris is also an active member of the Copper Country chapter and was invited to present his research results to date at their annual banquet in April



And last but certainly not least…

Michelle Kelly, who completed an REU as part of the NSF CAREER project in summer 2016 won the grand prize for her poster presentation, “Within-reach variation in nitrification and denitrification rates in streams of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan” at the 13th Annual ESC Student Research Forum at Michigan Tech.  Michelle also accepted an MS position at University of Kansas starting fall 2017 – congratulations Michelle, and we are glad that you are hanging around to help us in the field again this summer!